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Many a drop may make an ocean.

Many a step may complete a marathon.

Many a small contribution will put a child in school.

And make the world smile a little bit more.


I continue my running journey, this time back in amchi Mumbai on the 20th of January 2013. And, I hope, you will continue supporting me in making the world a better place, bit by bit, one child at a time.

So many of you participated in my last two adventures of the Everest Base Camp and the Bangalore Ultra Marathon. Together, we raised 5900 US dollars to send more than 25 rural Indian children in Isha Vidhya for one full year to school. More than the money, I feel we contributed to the pride and joy in their faces (which I experienced, when I visited them in Coimbatore to check the facilities for myself).

Sometimes, journeys take us back home. Mumbai is home. It is also where my running journey began, way back in 2005 with my first ever ‘dream run’ of 6 kms. After that, I have run over ten races all over the world. But, I have not yet managed to run a full marathon in Mumbai till now!

After seven years, I come back to run in Mumbai wiser (in age), richer (in experience) and younger (at heart). Each step will be energized by purpose, determined to make the day special. Not for myself, but for the many under-privileged kids who deserve to be at school when I run my first ever Full Marathon at Mumbai.

Come, become a part of this journey. As I commit to better myself as a runner, YOU can help better the potential of a young mind. Contribute to send a rural under-privileged child to school. And, gift them a smile of pride, forever. And in turn, you will have a photograph of your name against the finishers medal ( hoping to get one!) as a mark of my gratitude for your support.

My fundraiser was covered by Bangalore Mirror- To experience something…..

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