Create the change
you wish to see in the world

Connect donors to beneficiaries
and tell their stories
to the world

Champions have visibility
into their progress.

Dashboards for champions to
inform them about progress and
take the next set of actions.

A fundraising coach
for every champion.

Step by step fundraising guidance adapts
to champion needs, keeps campaign moving
forward, and increases conversion rates.


360 degree campaign
view for champs
and the non-profit

Transform and scale champion
fundraising with the information
you need to manage your

We transform giving into a joyful and fulfilling experience for all donors.

Grow Your Donor Pool

Help champions identify supporters with the highest likelihood to connect with your cause.

Eliminate The Hard Work

Automated fundraising prompts help champions send the right content at the right time.

Scale Giving – Year Round

Mobilize your champions to keep your community coming back throughout the year.

Key Features


Find the highest value supporters within your network


Reach supporters in every social channel with relevant messaging


Step by step coaching to increase conversion rates


Track who’s received and acted upon messages


An on-the-go fundraising experience


Create a community where champions share what works best

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