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$25 from 1 donor 1 update $2,500 goal
How Does it Work?
Create a donation page and begin fundraising to give Seattle youth access to cutting edge life and leadership training – OR – donate what you can to one of our existing fundraisers.
Where Does My Money Go?
All donations go to help Extraordinary Futures provide Seattle students access to free after school programs that teach critical life and leadership skills.
Why Participate?
Because you can directly impact the future of the youth who need the most help! Your donation ensures that students have access to leadership and life skills not taught in school coursework and provides them the tools they need make a massive difference in their lives and in their communities.

Shunpike Arts Collective is a US-based 501c3 organization and will handle the distribution of your donation to EF.

All contributions are tax-deductible.

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Dec 18
Scott and Laurie view profile
Scott and Laurie gave $25 for a share of Extraordinary Futures programming costs

Help Me Provide Seattle Youth Access to Important Life and Leadership Training

Extraordinary Futures members and board have been giving their time to children in Pacific Northwest. They have help inspire them to dance, continue education, and become positive leader in the social groups/peers.

We are look for financial support to expand Extraordinary Futures incredibly positive influence. We know that the holidays are coming up and money is tight. So all I’m asking is that we all give up three espressos this month and give a donation of $10 to Extraordinary Futures. If 250 friends and family do this we can raise $2500.00.

Please help Extraordinary Futures!

Thank you

Wil Davis

donation (sent November 13)

Thank you for the first donation!

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About Extraordinary Futures

Extraordinary Futures uses fun, unique, and engaging arts based programs to empower urban youth to lead healthier lifestyles and to realize their full potential as leaders.

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