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All donations managedby InvestED, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in Washington State. Your contribution is tax-deductible.

How does this work?
You can support MVHS in three ways:
·Give a general gift through the box at the top of the page. Just enter the gift amount and click the orange ‘donate’ button.
·Give a gift to either the Athletics Department or the Class of 2013 towards the bottom of the page. Just click on one of the green buttons or enter an amount in the box and click the green ‘Give’ button.
·Set up your own personal fundraising page and ask you community to give. Just click on the green ‘Join the team’ button in the Set up your own fundraising section.
How do I set up a personal fundraising page?
Scroll down to the middle of the page, click on the green ‘join the team’ button, and follow the directions. It only takes 60 seconds!
Where does my money go?
Your contributions support MVHS students in need. Funds will provide short-term, item-specific, need-based funding – items such as shoes, coats, glasses, sports equipment and academic fees for students in our school who can’t afford them.
How do I know my donation will make a difference?
Mount Vernon has operated a successful InvestED program for more than 10 years. Decisions are made by teachers, counselors and individuals in the school who know each individual student. In addition, donors will receive a story and a photo about a life that has been changed through the InvestED program at Mount Vernon High School.


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InvestED — committed to improving the quality of life among needy secondary students in communities throughout the state of Washington

InvestED provides funding that supports the efforts of secondary schools throughout Washington state.  We partner with 660 schools and assist more than 16,500 students with small amounts of short-term, item-specific, need-based funding – items such as shoes, coats, glasses, sports equipment, and academic fees.

Our mission is to provide immediate help for students in need. Our goal is to encourage students to stay in school, return to school, or get involved within their learning community.

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