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What is a virtual table?
Virtual tables give Boys & Girls Clubs supporters around the country the chance to support programming at the Clubs. Everyone that donates will “join” a virtual table and receive updates about the impact of their contribution in the coming months.
How do I join a table?
All you have to do is give! You can donate to the overall event or support a specific table captain’s table by donating on their page.
Why should I give?
We need your support to help give everyone access to Clubs like Smilow Rainier Vista. While membership is only $36, it actually costs $500 to provide a year of homework help, healthy snacks and mentorship.
How do I learn more about the Smilow Rainier Vista club?
Go to their website or Facebook page.

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Help Kids and Teens Achieve Their Dreams!

The path to achieving dreams and goals for kids and teens is not an easy one, especially if you live in the Rainier Valley. It takes dedication, perseverance, commitment, resources and caring adults.

The kids and teens in the Rainier Valley are counting on the Smilow Boys and Girls Clubhouse and Teen Center at Rainier Vista (SRV) to be there for them!

SRV needs your financial help to meet its commitment to providing a positive and safe place for vulnerable kids and teens. Every day the number of kids and teens in need in the valley grows.

As a generous donor and Advisory Board Member, I see how every dollar makes an impact by ensuring that kids that come through the doors at SRV have a positive and safe place away from home to get a healthy meal, academic and other support from adult volunteers and mentors in STEM, leadership development, gang and drug avoidance, music, dance, fitness, art, entrepreneurship and much more.

Please consider giving a tax free financial contribution to SRV. If you can’t give $1500 now, you can see in the list below, other giving levels where your generous donation can help SRV kids.

If you have any questions or you just want to get a better understanding of the need, please reach out to me at [email protected].

Thank you for caring! Thank you for giving!
Terri Olson Miller – Advisory Board President, Smilow Boys and Girls Clubhouse and Teen Center at Rainier Vista

About the Joel E. Smilow Clubhouse and Teen Center at Rainier Vista

Kids may walk through the SRV doors for the fun we offer, but we do far more than entertain these youngsters. Our nationally recognized programs and activities impact children in three essential ways:

  • Academic success—Improving grades, reducing high school drop-out rates, and teaching kids to see themselves as learners.
  • Good character and citizenship—Encouraging community service, reducing juvenile crime rates, and instilling an attitude of engagement.
  • Healthy lifestyles—Teaching healthy behaviors, reducing drug use and childhood obesity, and fostering a positive self-image.

It is the vision of the SRV team that any club member who wants to enhance or change their life direction or outcomes could be a part of our club and the great programming that goes on for ages 5-19.

Tell Terri and Tom why you this cause!