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Sumer Rathinam

My name is Sumer Rathinam and I am a member of the SeeYourImpact Interlake Club. We have 20 members in our club and we are all driven to help educate kids around the world and ensure they have access to education. We understand the value of education and we want to do everything we can to help kids everywhere have the same opportunities that we do.

We are raising money for children’s education in Latin America, specifically a school in Guatemala. On average, children in Guatemala only make it to the 6th grade. The illiteracy rate in Guatemala is above 70%!

We are trying to change that one step at a time! Our goal is to raise $7500 – enough money to provide educational opportunities to more than 60 kids in Guatemala! Every dollar counts, so all donations are greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much for your consideration!

About Roots and Wings International

Lorenza-Amelia-Chox-ChoxRoots and Wings International promotes elementary through university education among indigenous families in rural Guatemala. Student support is awarded based on financial need, academic promise, and a commitment to promote community development.

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