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In Colombia, an astounding 10% of the population lives in extreme poverty, most of which live in inadequate housing conditions, without a bed to sleep on or a cup to drink from.

Conexión Colombia is determined to change that and I am determined to help them by supporting the campaign “Conectando Corazones.” The campaign aims to provide cooking and sleeping supplies for over 2,000 families living in extreme poverty.

By raising just $200, I will be able to provide a family in Colombia a bed and mattress to sleep on, pots for the family to cook in and a plate for each family member to eat in.

Please donate and connect your heart with that of a poor family in Colombia!

About Conexión Colombia


Conexión Colombia is a non-profit organization with ten years of experience in the management of grants and partnerships for development. Since 2003, Conexión Colombia has channeled USD$ 23.000.000 in support of projects that strengthen the sustainability of communities working with grassroots organizations in the areas of education, nutrition, early childhood development, health, income generation and housing. To do so we manage projects with our affiliated organizations providing technical assistance and project design, fundraising and donor reporting as well as monitoring the implementation and progress of each project.

Additionally, we run an annual campaign whose aim is to connect and mobilize several actors from the civil society, government, private sector, social organizations and academia towards supporting a cause that is aligned with our mission.

Lastly, we have assembled a methodology that allows companies to enhance their organizational development and reputational capital while simultaneously creating social value to our society by strategically involving their employees into social initiatives and projects around the country.

All our work centers around our belief, that promoting equality is a key action towards the construction of a peaceful country.

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