I LUV SEE YOUR IMPACT! Why? When I help someone.. I feel like I become a part of who I helped! You not only receive a picture of who you helped but an email detailing exactly where my donation went. Can you name another organization that does this?!
No gimmicks or tricks! Just spreading Smiles for miles!

I've always enjoyed helping and giving to people who aren't as fortunate as myself. See Your Impact makes it so easy to donate from my heart. My mom instilled the gift of giving in me and till this day has stuck like glue. Making someone Smile for the simplest reasons is what makes life go around and around. It really is the simple things that matter in life even though many of us all get caught up in the material things. I know I'm guilty of that but I'm human! I also support St. Jude Childrens Hospital.

Best part is.., even the smallest donation is enough to give a Smile. What a way to warm someone's heart!

*Thankx to a certain speedskater for introducing me and others to this wonderful organization. I'm proud to be a part it! :)

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