Join Lucas in support of “B” a John Hay Star by Giving to Support Kids with Tutors & Educational Programs


$45 from 1 donor $163 goal

We are looking to raise over $90,000 between online and offline pledges with the goal of $200 per family.

What Is The Move-A-Thon?
The Move-a-thon is one way for students to focus on being superstars, not only in their personal efforts at school, but also within their homes and their community. With an emphasis on health, exercise and giving back to their school, community and selves, kids and families can “B” a John Hay Star in many ways: Give. Move. Lead.
How Does It Work?
John Hay Elementary Families can connect to raise money for educational programs and tutors at our school.
Where Does My Money Go?
All donations go to funding math and reading tutors, in kind scholarships for over 27 kids, and educational programs at John Hay Elementary School.
Why Participate?
By helping kids in our community get the educational support they need to succeed in school, you are helping create a brighter and compassionate future for our society.
How Do I Know My Donation Made a Difference?
All Donors get a story and drawing about impact they made to the children’s life you helped change.

Thanks to...

Oct 5
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Glenda gave $20 for a share of programming costs for John Hay Partners
$25 in offline donations

"B" a John Hay Star with Lucas - Move a Thon 2013

Lucas will be participating in the annual school fundraiser on Thursday, October 10th!! The Move-A-Thon is John Hay’s annual fundraiser where students, family and staff raise funds through pledges for laps run around the school’s perimeter. Lucas is VERY excited and hopes to run 10 laps this year!

Proceeds benefit the students via the John Hay Partners Foundation. The Hay Partners oversee funding for much-needed programs (that are not funded by the SPS District) like critical math, literacy tutoring programs, reading specialists, art, drama and music instruction.

Your donation is 100% tax deductible. Tax ID #: 91-1699359

Lucas, Jeff and Kim thank you for your support!!!!

John Hay Foundation is dedicated to enriching quality education for all students

John Hay Elementary Foundation is a group of elected parents and faculty who work together to provide children with the best, most well-rounded education possible funding teachers, tutors, art, music, cultural enrichment programs and in kind scholarship to kids in need.

To see more information on John Hay Elementary Foundation Visit Our Website.

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