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All donationsgo directly to reconstructing the Doug Walker Challenge Course.

What is the Doug Walker Challenge Course Campaign?
Doug Walker was a teacher at Teton Science Schools who dreamed of constructing a challenge course in Jackson Hole.  His dream was realized in 1995, two years after his death, and now, 17 years after its construction, the course needs to be rebuilt.  This campaign is to fund the reconstruction of the Doug Walker Challenge Course and ensure Doug’s dream remains a reality!
Where will the challenge course be located? 
The Doug Walker Challenge Course will be located at the Jackson Campus of Teton Science Schools and made available as a resource for use by partners within the Jackson Hole Community, fulfilling Doug’s original dream.
What are the benefits of this project?
The course will provide endless opportunities in team building as well as the development of physical and emotional fitness for hundreds of TSS participants, local students and partnering organizations.
How will the course be designed?
The course will be designed in partnership with Project Adventure; the pioneer and leader in design, construction and training surrounding adventure-based challenge courses.
Where does my money go?
All funds will be transferred directly to the Teton Science Schools, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization located in Jackson Hole, WY.  All funds will be used for the reconstruction of the Doug Walker Challenge Course.
How do I know my donation will make a difference?
All donors will receive a story and a photo about a life that has been changed through the work of the Teton Science Schools.


Challenge Course Plans: Click to Enlarge

Challenge Course Plans: Click to Enlarge

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Help me raise money to rebuild the Doug Walker Challenge Course

Doug loved helping people and especially kids to love and appreciate nature. He also firmly believed that community building and striving for your best were important things to teach. I remember when he decided he was going to expand his vocabulary and he learned three new words a day. He challenged the whole family to also learn these words and to use them correctly in a sentence. I clearly remember putting a kerf in a tree while taking a Circuitous route through the woods. This was one of many ways he thought to try and make himself the best that he could be. He also had a dream of building a challenge course and sharing it with kids in the Jackson community and beyond because he strongly believed that being outdoors and working together were so important in building strong communities and children’s self worth.

After Doug died many of his family and friends came together to help realize his dream of a community challenge course become a reality. It was recently dismantled by the town but the Teton Science School folks decided to pick up the gauntlet and rebuild the course. We are now asking family and friends to help us build a new course. We would appreciate any help you are able to give (financial donations, donations of time or labor, stories, artistic contributions).
Thanks so much for considering this wonderful endeavor.

Ways you can help:
1. Make a donation to the campaign.
2. Join me, start a fundraiser and share this campaign with friends.

The more you share, the closer we come to reaching our goal and making the dream a reality!

Thank you!

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