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$1,625 from 9 donors 2 updates $5,000 goal
Why are Oasis and the Rainbow Center co-locating?
There are many reasons to co-locate, but here are just a few examples of why:

  • ·Both Oasis and Rainbow Center are simply out of space! Combined, the two entities receive about 200 visits per week and are open for drop-in about 45 hours a week between the two centers.
  • ·For the first time in 28 years, Oasis will be moving into a public location. This is largely to do increased and visible public support of Oasis and LGBTQ youth. As we move, we want to model a healthy coming out process and our youth-adult partnership.
  • ·Oasis and Rainbow Center have been collaborating more and more in recent years. Co-location takes our connection to the next level. By co-locating, we hope to serve more youth and adults, create a vibrant hub for community dialogue and interaction, and build on new and existing relationships in the community.
  • ·We want to make the most of the community’s generosity. It is just a better use of time and money to build one great shared kitchen, for example, rather than two mediocre kitchens.
What does co-location mean?
Co-location means that Oasis and Rainbow Center will be physically connected in a building we have chosen together through a community process. Oasis will have its distinct space and entrance and Rainbow Center will have its distinct space and entrance. We will also have shared space, including a kitchen, meeting area, and more. Shared spaces will be scheduled according to the needs of Oasis and Rainbow Center. Co-location means that we can share resources and make the best use of the community’s contributions.
How do I know my donation will make a difference?
All donors will receive a story and a photo about the progress of the construction. Stories may also highlight the life of someone positively changed through your donation!
Who will be handling my donation?
The Pierce County AIDS Foundation is a Tacoma, Washington based 501(c)(3) nonprofit. They will handle the management and distribution of your donation.


Thanks to...

Jun 28
Diana view profile
Diana gave $50 for a share of ORC construction costs
Jun 21
Laura view profile
Laura made a $250 contribution
Jun 14
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Kate made a $75 contribution
Jun 8
Kari view profile
Kari made a $150 contribution
Jun 7
Terri view profile
Terri made a $50 contribution
Jun 5
Fred view profile
Fred gave $250 for a share of ORC construction costs
Maggie & Celeste view profile
Maggie & Celeste gave $500 for a share of ORC construction costs
Vicki view profile
Vicki gave $50 for a share of ORC construction costs
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Patricia made a $250 contribution

What ORC will mean to me

Dear Friends and Family,

Kim and I are back together……well at least for the purpose of raising $ for two of our favorite organizations, Tacoma Rainbow Center and Oasis Youth Center. ( and‎) :-)

The RC needs more space and Oasis needs their own space. So guess what? Both organizations are going to share a new space in Tacoma. Yahoo! What a brilliant idea!

The two centers will be sharing 6,000 sqft of space and starting a partnership that will enrich the entire community, EVERYONE! Co-location will help us serve more individuals, grow our missions, and create COMMUNITY like never before. Actually, this co-location is one of the 1st in this national best practice model of partnership and collaboration

Converting this space is costing over $300,000. We have $75,000 we need to raise before the end of June. We are reaching out to our family and friends and ask that you help us reach this goal.

Please consider a significant donation for you and help us make this new center a reality. Become a part of this momentous event. You do not want to miss out on being a contributor for the opening of the center.

Please help to support our personal fundraising goal by donating via our online giving page. Thank-you for helping us reach our goal and supporting the O.R.C. Creating Community Campaign!

Thank you! Kim & Marcie

Kim & Marcie's Oasis & Rainbow Center Campaign Update (sent June 17)

Hello Friends,
A huge thank you to those that have already donated to the ORC campaign. We are not quite 1/2 to our goal. Please help us make or exceed our $5,000 goal. The campaign needs all of our support. Please consider a donation of $250 but of course we would love any amount that you are able to give.
If you have any questions please email Kim or me.

[email protected]
[email protected]

Thank you again!

Kim & Marcie

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Oasis and the Rainbow Center


Oasis, a program of the Pierce County AIDS Foundation, enhances and sustains the health and well-being of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning (LGBTQ) youth by saving individual lives, building community, and developing young leaders who can change the world.  Oasis is a youth-adult partnership in which young people and adults come together for shared teaching, learning and action.

The Rainbow Center is a safe, accessible and welcoming community space for meetings, activities and events that strengthen the lives of people in our community. We support Greater Pierce County by providing a centralized source of information and referral for and about the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities. We provide visibility to the history, culture and diversity of our communities.

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