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Isn’t public school free in Kenya?
The Kenyan government pays for grades K-8. However, families have to pay for their children to attend high school.
What is the cost to send a girl in Kenya to high school?
The range of fees is determined by the quality of the school and if it is a day school or a boarding school. For example: $175 pays for a day scholar for one year in a local high school. Also, $650 pays for a top rated boarding school.
How do you choose the girls that you support?
We send out applications through Seavuria in October and those applicants are screened for us by our partners in Kenya and then sent here to us in November. We gather to read the applications and then use a rubric to determine our choices.
How is your scholarship different?
Our scholarship is different because the main goal is to build a global friendship. We do not want to just send money over to Kenya, we want to get to know the girls.
How do you know the money is benefitting?
We require that the girls send us transcripts of their grades each quarter.

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Let's help hard working girls in Kenya get an education

My name is Kate Atwell. I am 15, and a sophomore at Vashon Island High School. Two years ago, my friends and I started the Girls to Girls group to support girls’ education in Kenya. We began by working with girls at Mara Hills Academy through a non-profit organization called the Maasai Children’s Initiative. It was incredible how much the students made out of the few resources they had. Every single one of them valued their education even more than the most hardworking American students I know. It gave them the chance to strive for more in their lives. Rather than bearing children as teenagers, they had the opportunity to think about the professions they wanted to pursue and how they wanted to contribute to their communities.
The best part for me was that I could help make a difference. Here, in the United States, $200 dollars might be a girl’s clothing allowance for a season, but to them it is a whole trimester of boarding school. If I can change a girl’s future by donating part of a clothing allowance, then imagine what could happen if everybody contributed!
This year, my friends and I are working with Seavuria to raise money for girls’ scholarships in Kenya. Would you consider contributing to our scholarship drive? Instead of buying that shirt, or pair of shoes for yourself or a loved one, think about donating that money to help a girl go to school. Girls to Girls hopes to help several Kenyan girls complete high school over the next three years, and we would really appreciate your support. As a hint, donations would make great gifts!

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SEAVURIA is dedicated to connecting students and teachers across the globe, striving to create global awareness and sustainable partnerships.

Using STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) curricula, SEAVURIA engages students in the US and Kenya in synchronous studies designed to foster collaboration, critical thinking, and problem solving. Global health scientists mentor students over the web, offering career information and cutting edge science ideas.

Technological tools afford us opportunities to connect and engage young people in discussions about important global issues. They learn from one another, serve as role models for one another, realize opportunities and are inspired to take action.

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