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How does the “Help Stop Malaria” campaign work?
We are kicking off an urgent campaign to raise funds to purchase medicine used in treating malaria, and to help prevent the spread of drug-resistant malaria in eastern Burma. Click the Make a Donation button above to directly support the efforts of our Champions to meet the goal of this campaign and to help the people of Burma.
Where does the money go?
Community Partners International is a nonprofit working with local partners to improve health and education for the people of Burma. Your donation will go directly to purchase malaria medications used in the treatment against the spread of malaria in Burma.
How do I know my donation will make a difference?
Accessing quality malaria medication is one of the biggest challenges of our work in Burma. Funds donated to this campaign will go directly to the purchase of malaria medications used to treat women, children and families in Burma. Help Stop Malaria, a preventable, treatable killer.

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One dollar can save a life - help treat malaria!

Hi friends,

As you know, I recently returned from living for over four years on the Thai/Burma border. My work there was with a project called the Global Health Access Program, which is part of Community Partners International.

GHAP, and CPI, partner with local community based health organizations which are working to provide access to health services in under served areas, in Burma’s border regions. They build their capacity, train their health workers, and help procure important supplies. Though there have been a lot of positive changes in Burma recently, there are still vast areas outside of the reach of the Ministry of Health, which are only accessed by the local organizations that GHAP supports.

These are the same areas that experience heavy burdens of malaria. It is the rainy season right now (mid May through September), which means malaria is at its worst. Malaria is THE leading killer of both kids (28% of under five mortality) and adults (25% of all cause mortality), which is ridiculous because it is an easily treatable disease. That is, as long as there is reliable access to quality medications. CPI is trying to ensure that our partners have that access.

This is even more crucial now as resistance to malaria drugs is beginning to emerge in the region. Too often, drugs are purchased through local medicine sellers who often have poor quality drugs or insufficient doses. We are trying to ensure that CPI’s partners have enough quality drugs. If resistance becomes established, it will quickly spread to India, and Africa, and we’ll loose ground against one of the world’s top killers (#5 cause of death worldwide in 2011, according to WHO).

It costs JUST ONE DOLLAR for the drugs needed to treat a case of malaria. CPI is currently trying to raise $5,000.00 to purchase these medications directly. That is 5,000 cases of malaria treated, and many lives saved.

Please consider giving a few dollars to help. I deeply appreciate any contribution you can make. Thank you for your help preventing the spread of malaria in Burma. Thank you very much, and…please tell your friends!!

About Community Partners International

Community Partners International (CPI) works with local partners to improve health and education, led by and for the people of Burma / Myanmar. Back1 copyFor 15 years CPI has provided evidence-based public health training, mentoring and technical resources to local organizations in remote, conflict-affected and underserved communities so they can design, manage and monitor their own high quality health programs. For more information on Community Partners International click here.

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