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How can I find out more about Marked Men for Christ?

Google Marked Men for Christ and you can read about everything from their statement of faith to the Phase One retreat calendar schedule for 2014.

Is MMFC connected with a specific denomination?

No it is not. We are followers of Jesus from all walks of life and from over 130 different church backgrounds.

Why haven’t I heard about it before?

MMFC is a grassroots movement that began in 2002 and grows one changed life to another. We are now about 5,000 men from 47 states and over 28 countries. We do not grow through marketing on radio, T.V. or magazines, but through the power of one changed life sharing with another.

Can I receive financial assistance to attend?

Yes! That is why our campaign is so important. No one is ever denied attending because of finances. Partial and full scholarships are available.

What if I am ready to give my champion gift?

If you are ready to give your Champion gift simply go online to the Marked Men for Christ web site and give a gift under 2013 Champion Gift.

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Marked Men For Christ ministry equips Christian men to develop a deeper and more powerful relationship with Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and God. We seek to help men embrace more fully the gift of the Holy Spirit and the mark with which they were sealed at baptism.

We first launched Marked Men in Kenya in 2008, and we now have the privilege of joining our Kenyan brothers to cross the border into Uganda for the very first time. This will be an international group of volunteers from the USA, Austria, England, Kenya and Uganda (total 25) to service about 50 Ugandan Christian brothers (ministers, pastors and church leaders)! It will cost the American staff over $14,000 just for the airfare (about $1,500 each).

I will be heading to Uganda in January. YOUR DONATIONS are a BIG investment into the lives of these Uganda men who have so little in resources, but so much FAITH! Thank you in advance for your support!


About Marked Men for Christ

Marked Men For Christ seeks to help Christian men embrace more fully the gift of the Holy Spirit and the mark with which they were sealed at Baptism (2 Cor. 1:22). Working as a complement to others who proclaim the Gospel, but without affiliation to any denomination or pretense of becoming one, MMFC responds to the spiritual needs of men in contemporary society by sharing wisdom, exhorting holiness, and strengthening one another for mission in Jesus Christ.

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