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All donations supportSponsor Iraqi Children Foundation.

What is the Sponsor Iraqi Children Foundation’s In Their Shoes Campaign?
It is a 5k Fun Run/Walk on May 4, 2013, to raise awareness and mobilize life changing support for desperately poor and vulnerable orphans and street children in Iraq.
What does $120 a month ($1,440/year) provide?
A gift of $120 a month covers all expenses for giving an orphan or street child the following loving services:
·$30 for a healthy breakfast and lunch
·$28 for tutoring, including teachers and school supplies
·$15 for social workers and home visits
·$47 for rental and maintenance of center as a safe haven, including security guard, cooking and housekeeping services, electricity, etc.
Where does my money go?
SICF works hard to keep its overhead expenses very low. In 2011, SICF business expenses came to less than 3.3% of the budget, and went to cover such operating expenses as website, tax/accounting, state registration, Paypal, and bank fees. SICF has no paid US staff. We are all volunteers. And we operate out of donated office space
How do I know my donation will make a difference?
All donors will receive a story and a photo about a life that has been changed through the work of Sponsor Iraqi Children Foundation.


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Spending a Day "In Their Shoes"

Please support me as I spend a day “In Their Shoes” by participating in a May 4, 2013, 5k Fun Run/Walk to raise funds for food, education, and emotional care for desperately poor and vulnerable orphans and street children in Iraq.

A December 2012 report from UNICEF estimates the number of orphans in Iraq at 800,000. Street children are estimated in the thousands, many of whom are impoverished orphans who beg on the streets or sell bottled water or other items to help widowed mothers or other relatives. They are vulnerable to exploitation by criminals and extremists, as well as physical abuse, and human trafficking.

Unless loving action is taken in the next 5-10 years, many of these precious children may reach adulthood without receiving nurturing, loving help for the trauma they have suffered. Please donate generously from your heart to help me give an Iraqi child healthy food, education, emotional care, and a chance to experience the joys of a normal childhood. And think of me as, for one day, I walk “In Their Shoes.”

Our mission is to assist the people of Iraq by mobilizing a life-changing campaign of love for millions of children orphaned by violence

The Sponsor Iraqi Children Foundation is a US-based non-sectarian tax-exempt 501(c)(3) charity (26-1394773) founded by two Americans who worked in Baghdad during the war. SICF is proud to support a center for orphans and street children, and to partner with the award-winning Children’s Village of New York to train Iraqi social workers with skills to address trauma in children. Among its other projects, SICF also mobilized an airlift of more than a ton of school supplies and toys for orphans.

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