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Help me provide affordable healthcare, focusing on One Community at a Time

I’m raising money to help MED25 change healthcare in Africa by providing affordable, sustainable services and supplies. The mission of MED25 International is to provide quality, culturally appropriate, and affordable health care, focusing on One Community at a Time.

The problem confronting MED25 is vast: in Mbita, Kenya, the average life expectancy is 37 years of age, and the prevalence rate of HIV in the community is 30%. MED25 has treated 20,000 patients in Mbita since 2010, providing low or no cost healthcare, and they are now working on constructing a new facility to provide better care to more people and be sustainable for years to come.

Please help me help this amazing organization continue to change lives, One Community at a Time.

Quality, Culturally Appropriate, and Affordable Health Care

MED25 International is a nonprofit organization that provides individuals in rural African communities with quality, culturally appropriate, and affordable health care, focusing on “One Community at a Time”. In accordance with Article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, MED25 International strives to improve the health of a community in need. Mbita, Kenya is MED25’s current community of focus.

Thank you for your partnership in supporting MED25’s mission. Please visit for more information.

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