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What’s the impact of a $20 gift?
Your gift to Plymouth Housing Group works to eliminate homelessness, build hope and transform lives. Learn more about how you are making a difference.
What is Paul’s story?
Paul Lambros, Plymouth’s fearless and innovative leader has led this organization to be one of the most successful models for ending homeless in this city, if not the country. Read more about Paul.
How can I get more involved with Plymouth?
Plymouth relies heavily on the generosity of our volunteers and corporate partners to further our mission to end homelessness in our community. See how you can get more involved.

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Give the Gift of Home

Plymouth not only provides housing, it provides homes. I love seeing the mosaic of support that is made up of caring people – staff, residents, volunteers and community partners – and the small things that make a difference – a blanket, a home-cooked meal, a framed photo. Each part contributes to an atmosphere of stability, connection, and a better quality of life.

About Plymouth Housing

Plymouth Housing Group works to eliminate homelessness and address its causes by preserving, developing and operating safe, quality, supportive housing and by providing homeless adults with opportunities to stabilize and improve their lives.

Plymouth subscribes to the “Housing First” philosophy, operating on the principle that people cannot improve their lives until they have a safe, stable place to live. Plymouth Housing Group has helped more than 3,000 people leave the trauma of long-term homelessness. To learn more about Plymouth click here.

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