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All donations supportFertility Within Reach, a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit public charity. All contributions are tax-deductible.

What is NIAW?
National Infertility Awareness Week® (“NIAW”) is a movement that began in 1989. The goal of NIAW is to raise awareness about the disease of infertility and encourage the public to understand their reproductive health. In 2010, National Infertility Awareness Week became a federally recognized health observance by the Department of Health and Human Services.
How does Fertility Within Reach’s NIAW Campaign work?
We are kicking off a week long Board of Directors campaign to help each Board member share their stories of what motivates them to give back to the infertility community through their dedication to Fertility Within Reach, which not only raises awareness about infertility but also helps to raise funds specifically to help those in need now.
How does the online campaign work?
Scroll through the listed opportunities to learn more about how you can support FWR. You will find projects at different amounts that you can fund, or you can give at any level.
Where does my money go?
Fertility Within Reach is a national non-profit that offers educational programs and assistance to couples seeking to build their family via fertility treatment. Your donation will go directly towards implementing our goals for the benefit of these couples.
Why participate?
Given that 1 out of 6 couples are diagnosed with infertility, odds are that a loved one or a close friend has been impacted by this disease. This is your chance to support them by helping the entire infertility community. You will make a difference for those impacted now and in the future.


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Help me support Fertility Within Reach!

Dear Friend:

As you may know, I am very open about the difficulty I faced trying to build my family. A person’s fate does not need to be two children out of 10 pregnancies and 14 years to build a family. Because I choose to put a purpose to my pain, I am passionate about helping others to reduce their struggle of infertility.

Fertility Within Reach was created out of a strong sense of empathy, with a heaping dose of logic. Through this charity, I help people gain access to the health care benefits needed to treat their condition. People are taught to advocate for themselves and successfully negotiate with doctors, insurance companies, employers to get the support they need. This organization is doing amazing things for thousands of couples across the U.S. and we need your help.

“I will never forget you. You are a Godsend. The insurance company covered all of my costs for the cycle in dispute from last year.”
-Tasha L. in Queens, NY

One of life’s most devastating realizations is the inability to become pregnant or sustain a pregnancy. Infertility is a disease and wreaks havoc on millions and millions of couples across the U.S (1 in 6 couples).

The second most devastating realization comes after this diagnosis: coming to terms with the lack of support and inconsistent information when trying to seek medical care.

Through our work, insurance companies are reversing their denials, people are having babies and premiums are maintaining. We see the successful outcomes and need your support to continue the momentum.

Would you please consider making a tax deductible donation of $10, $20, $50, $100 to help people build their most wanted family?

All my best,

“I thought Kitty was the most tenacious advocate I had ever known, until I met Davina.”
-Governor Michael Dukakis

“We decided to tackle the issue of assisted reproductive technology and insurance companies head on; when no one else would help us, Fertility Within Reach provided a much needed helping hand. Without their plethora of available information, research, support and guidance, we would not have been as prepared as we were when we met with NC political officials and the media in our fight for recognition & awareness of infertility & women’s reproductive issues. Thank you for everything, FWR!”- Jamie & Jacob Pursley, Founders – Robert William Foundation

“Fertility Within Reach provided me with incredible guidance regarding the IVF insurance appeal process. I was not able to find this level of expertise anywhere else in my search for assistance. The staff offered a caring, knowledgeable and detailed approach, and they even followed up with additional ideas to help me along the way. I feel so lucky to have found the support of this wonderful organization, and I recommend the staff with 110% confidence.” – Sara in Newton, MA

About Fertility Within Reach

Guided by the needs of individuals and aligning with providers we endeavor to protect and further access to family building benefits. We believe that when armed with information and best-practice strategies, individuals are able to ensure their family-building needs are met and reproductive health is preserved.

FWR_OrgPromoImage_NIAWcampaignFertility Within Reach has a vision of a time when infertility is recognized nationwide as a standard medical condition which requires insurance coverage for diagnosis and treatment. We want to make this vision a reality.

Davina Fankhauser is Fertility Within Reach’s Chief Advocate and Founder. Davina is driven to teach others how to advocate for themselves in the hope that they will be spared the pain and heartache known to accompany infertility, especially when denied access to timely and appropriate treatment.

“I thought Kitty was the most tenacious advocate I had ever known, until I met Davina.”
-Governor Michael Dukakis

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