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What is this campaign?
GRuB works hard year round to build community support. We empower our volunteers to help drive our organization. This campaign gives our volunteers a chance to strengthen GRuB programming for the future.
Where does my money go?
Gifts to GRuB will go into our general operating fund. We do our best to keep administrative expenses low and always prioritize program needs first and foremost.
Why participate?
At GRuB, true partnerships with donors are important to us and we don’t take that lightly. We are the best kind of friend and partner. We are accountable, transparent, and as you can tell from our participant stories, we deliver powerful outcomes.
How do I know my donation will make a difference?
All donors will receive a story and a photo about a life that has been changed through the work of GRuB!


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GRuB!! Come be apart of the family!

GRuB is growing and changing in ways that better our community, ensuring that young leaders can step into this work with the true passion and understanding to maintain our core values. I’ve seen this firsthand — my volunteering experience at GRuB is truly powerful and difference I saw with the families I built the gardens for is forever inspirational to continue this work. Will you join me in supporting the transformed survivors of the future? In the loving, confident parents of the future? In the leaders of the future? Please check out the gift options below and donate what you can to this amazing organization!

GRuB grows healthy people, food and communities

We inspire positive personal and community change by bringing people together around food and agriculture. Our mission is to build a just, sustainable food system by creating nurturing and engaging leadership opportunities for youth and adults. We create opportunities where everyone can contribute to empowering community food solutions.

GRuB’s Programs

Youth Programs
Through the GRuB in the Schools Initiative, disengaged and/or low-income students earn credits while learning about and contributing to their local food systems. They also engage PreK-12 youth in hands-on learning about soil, plants, food, and community through field trips to the GRuB Farm.  They help them explore the question, “Where does our food come from?”

Kitchen Garden Project
Since 1993, GRuB has worked alongside volunteers and gardeners to build more than 2,500 backyard and community gardens, host
workshops, and provide support, training, and resources for new gardeners to find success. Their goal is for gardeners to build the skills and connections to organize good food projects in their own neighborhoods.

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