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What is Huntington’s disease?
Huntington’s disease is a neurological brain disorder that causes its victims to lose the ability to walk, talk, think, and reason for as long as 10 to 20 years after diagnosis. There is no cure or treatment. The deterioration of the body often leads to secondary illnesses or injuries that lead to death of the patient. Some advocates describe Huntington’s disease (HD) as a mix between Parkinson’s disease, ALS, dementia, and bipolar disorder.
Why is genetic testing such an important topic?
Since the sequencing of the Human Genome in 2000, it has become increasingly easy for an individual to order tests that can give him/her a glimpse into their genetic predispositions. As the availability of these tests increase, it is important for our society to understand the emotional, economic, and political consequences that might occur as a result of having access to its citizens’ medical futures.
Why should I care about research for Huntington’s Disease? I don’t know anyone that has it.
Many research scientists believe that HD is a “gateway cure.” It is a relatively ‘simple’ genetic disease and the location of the gene that codes the mutation has been identified. It is believed that HD is the closest to a cure of all the neurological illnesses. By solving the HD mystery, the scientific community could potentially jumpstart treatments and cures for other brain disorders, helping millions of individuals all over the world.

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Get my niece's project "Twitch" to the Finish Line!

I am raising money to help my niece, Kristen Powers, finish her documentary, Twitch, which follows her genetic testing for Huntington’s disease. Kristen lived her entire life at-risk for this fatal, incurable brain disorder, which ended her mother’s life prematurely. She used her genetic testing journey as an opportunity to teach the world about the disease and genetic testing processes through the power of film.

Kristen has already raised $35,000 to professionally create this film. She is in the editing phase and hopes to have it ready for release in winter of 2014.

However, she needs help to get to this final stage. That is why I am asking for your help in providing this documentary with the funds needed to finish editing, musical composition, and distribution.

Twitch is an extremely important story for educating the world about the role of genetic testing in our society, as well as reducing the stigma that surrounds neurological illnesses such as Huntington’s disease.

Please help us reach our goal! You can also help us out by sharing this page with your friends and family.

Many thanks!

About Twitch

Twitch follows the life of teenager Kristen Powers as she undergoes genetic testing for Huntington’s Disease (HD). The film will follow the emotional, economic, social, and medical aspects of going through this test and what it will mean for Kristen’s future. Huntington’s disease has great stigma surrounding it, but unmasking its mystery will lift the veil hiding those with neurological disabilities.

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