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What is the Give for Good Nutrition campaign?
Good nutrition is a critical component of a BBH client’s continued wellbeing. BBH often provides the only access to fresh produce for its clients but it can’t do so without funding. Support from Champions fills that gap and allows BBH to serve up healthy meals to clients.
How does it work?
During the month of October, Champions will be inviting friends and family to support. Join us and create your own fundraising page and Give for Good Nutrition at BBH!
Where does my money go?
All donations go towards Bailey-Boushay House’s nutrition program to provide healthy meals to its clients.
Why participate?
BBH is one of the only facilities in our region to support the health and wellbeing of individuals living with HIV/AIDS in the region. You can be a part of providing access to nutritious meals for clients and creating a sense of community.

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Food First

As many of you know, I not only work at Bailey-Boushay House but am also passionate about its mission. Our outpatient program is open every single day of the year – serving 230 men and women living with HIV/AIDS (most of whom have other medical challenges like diabetes or liver disease as well as chronic mental illness, drug addiction and homelessness). While we seek to assist them in engaging with medical care and support services, what attracts them to our doors is the FOOD! By the end of the first week of every month, most of these folks are completely out of food stamps, food and money…so the place is packed at mealtimes.

THAT’S WHY I AM SHAMELESSLY ASKING YOUR SUPPORT FOR BAILEY’S GIVE FOR GOOD NUTRITION CAMPAIGN. No donation is too small! Not only will you be soothing hungry stomachs, but supporting the sense of nurturing and community that is established around meal tables….food for the soul!

Thank you!

Bailey-Boushay House

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The Mission of Bailey-Boushay House is to provide exceptional care to people with HIV disease, promoting their health, well-being and functional independence. The ultimate goal is to ensure that every person with HIV/AIDS in our community has equal access to positive outcomes.

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