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Casey & Adam

425 from 7 donors 500 goal

Thanks to...

Apr 30
Kevin view profile
Kevin gave 100 for a sports kit
Cheryle view profile
Cheryle gave 48 for a week of healthy breakfasts and snacks for one child
Mar 9
Brooke view profile
Brooke gave 100 for a week of after school programming
Mar 5
Christopher view profile
Christopher gave 120 for a quarter of tuition
Jan 27
Ben view profile
Ben gave 20 for a month of lunches
Jan 9
Danielle view profile
Danielle gave 20 for a month of schooling for a tribal child
Nov 14
Casey & Adam view profile
Casey & Adam gave 17 for a low vision kit

See Your Impact is a group that we have supported over the years. The donations to this group go directly to individuals in need and donors receive a story and photo to see exactly who their funds have helped. While we have followed with tradition and registered, we also wanted to provide this unique “registry” to support those in need.

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