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What is the Global Health Equity Campaign?
Butler students are working with Timmy Global Health to expand access to healthcare to low-income patients throughout Guatemala.
How does it work?
Make a donation today and your funds will be used to support Timmy’s ongoing community health programming for patients in need.
Where does the money go?
All donations go to help Timmy Global Health use community-based solutions to fight help disparities in Guatemala. Donations made to Butler Timmy Students will go directly to our patients and partners in Guatemala to buy vitamins/medicine, cover patient referrals, and to provide continually care year-round.
Why participate?
Because with your donation you are helping to ensure that low-income patients in Guatemala have access to the critical healthcare services they need and deserve.

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Help me bring health equity to patients throughout Guatemala

Dear Friends and Family,
Timmy Global Health is an organization that is working to empower students to provide healthcare to places in the world that truly need it. Our chapter has the wonderful opportunity to travel to Guatemala this coming May and help Timmy with its ground efforts, working in a student-led medical team to assist doctors and nurses in providing care.

Please join me in helping Timmy Global Health provide medical support by donating to my fundraising campaign. Your generosity will help combat health disparities by providing public health education programs, access to primary care physicians, and prescription and over the counter medication along with transportation, financial support, and follow up care for patients who require referrals and advanced treatment.

My work with Timmy has already been such a rewarding experience, and everyone I have met in this organization is truly passionate about what they do. I am so excited to a part of this life-changing organization and want to be able to raise money to ensure the continuation of care for our patients in Guatemala. Help make this goal possible by directly contributing to the communities we work in! I am looking forward to the opportunity to work on the ground, meet people and learn about the culture of Guatemala while assisting doctors and nurses in providing medical care. Thank you so much for your support.

About Timmy Global Health

Timmy Global Health works to expand access to healthcare to communities that are most in need by responsibly integrating students and volunteers into sustainable global health programs. Each year, we treat 14,000 patients in 5 countries by sending over 600 volunteers to support our clinics abroad. All while ensuring that 94% of our annual budget goes directly to programming.

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