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$90 from 6 donors $500 goal
What is the Virtual Garden Campaign?
For every $250 raised, Gardens for Health will be able to turn your virtual garden into a mother’s real home garden, full of nutritious vegetables, in Rwanda.
How does it work?
Create a donation page and begin fundraising to help fight chronic childhood malnutrition in Rwanda.
Where does my money go?
All donations go to help Gardens for Health use agricultural solutions to fight chronic childhood malnutrition in Rwanda.
Why participate?
Because with your donation you are helping to ensure that mothers in Rwanda are equipped with the knowledge and tools to grow and feed healthy, diverse foods to their children.


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Apr 28
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Apr 18
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Fight Famine

In Rwanda, an astounding 44% of children are malnourished. Gardens for Health is determined to change that and I am determined to help them. By raising just $500, I will be able to grow my own Virtual Garden to help two mothers in Rwanda grow real ones–providing all the seeds and training they need–so they have the ability to feed their children.

As someone who has had the amazing fortune to visit Garden’s for Health and see the POWERFUL impact that they have in the community. I would be eternally grateful if you could spare any amount of money to help them out.

Also, as per my previous fundraising efforts. All donors will receive a personalized video thank you, in the form of a song if you like OR you can make me run 1 mile per $10 of donation. Now that, is a hard gift to turn down.

Please donate to help me help Gardens for Health empower mothers to end chronic childhood malnutrition NOW!

Give a home garden to a family in Gasobo District, Rwanda

In Rwanda’s Gasabo District, one in three agricultural households is food insecure, meaning that they do not have access to sufficient, safe, and nutritious food for an active and healthy life.

Gardens for Health International, a SeeYourImpact Partner, targets families who are struggling with malnutrition and equips them with the resources and knowledge they need for greater self-sufficiency. Malnutrition need not be a chronic condition, even for those facing poverty and disease.

A gift of $250 provides a family of five with a nutritionally rich home garden, regular visits from a skilled agronomist, and three months of educational workshops, including weekly cooking demonstrations.

Gardens for Health believes malnutrition need not be a chronic condition

Gardens for Health provides lasting agricultural solutions to the problem of chronic childhood malnutrition. We partner with rural health clinics to equip families facing malnutrition with seeds, livestock, and know-how for greater self-sufficiency.

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