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How does the “Help Stop Malaria” campaign work?
We are kicking off an urgent campaign to raise funds to purchase medicine used in treating malaria, and to help prevent the spread of drug-resistant malaria in eastern Burma. Click the Make a Donation button above to directly support the efforts of our Champions to meet the goal of this campaign and to help the people of Burma.
Where does the money go?
Community Partners International is a nonprofit working with local partners to improve health and education for the people of Burma. Your donation will go directly to purchase malaria medications used in the treatment against the spread of malaria in Burma.
How do I know my donation will make a difference?
Accessing quality malaria medication is one of the biggest challenges of our work in Burma. Funds donated to this campaign will go directly to the purchase of malaria medications used to treat women, children and families in Burma. Help Stop Malaria, a preventable, treatable killer.

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A buck to save a life

Hi friends,

For two years before med school I was lucky enough to find my way to Community Partners International (formerly the Global Health Access Program), a Berkeley-based NGO that provides technical support and funding to ethnic health organizations working in border areas of Burma.

I work largely on immunization and malnutrition programs (which many, many of you wonderful people contributed to) but also assist with the Malaria Control Program, which trains ethnic health workers to screen for, diagnose, and treat malaria in this area where 2 out of every 5 deaths is caused by the disease.

The work of Burma’s ethnic health organizations is not only saving lives, but helping contain the spread of anti-malarial resistance. If our partners weren’t providing high-quality drugs, villagers would be more likely to get only a partial course of treatment or be exposed to counterfeit anti-malarials. And we’re already starting to see increased parasite clearance times to our best and last drug (an early sign of resistance) along the Burma border.

A dollar will pay for a course of treatment, and I’m hoping to raise enough to treat 1,500 people (so you got it: $1,500). Thank you in advance for any help you can provide. This work has meant a ton to me personally and more to those it helps.

I hope you’re all well,

About Community Partners International

Community Partners International (CPI) works with local partners to improve health and education, led by and for the people of Burma / Myanmar. Back1 copyFor 15 years CPI has provided evidence-based public health training, mentoring and technical resources to local organizations in remote, conflict-affected and underserved communities so they can design, manage and monitor their own high quality health programs. For more information on Community Partners International click here.

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