Join Amanda in support of 2013 Kids Co.'s Virtual BBQ: An Event Raising Dollars for Childcare "Schoolerships" (Free Agents)


165 from 5 donors 1 update 85 goal met!

What is the Kids Co. Virtual BBQ?
The Virtual BBQ is an online event designed to activate our community to raise money for the Kids Co. Scholarship Fund. By the end of FY’13 we anticipate awarding an astounding total of $405,000, which will fund over 300 scholarships to families who need help.
How does it work?
Each Kids Co. center has a robust team of volunteers whose mission is to reach out to their friends via email, social media, and word of mouth to raise money for the Scholarship Fund. Kids Co. has a suggested goal of $85 per volunteer but many people aim higher! Every $300 raised sends a kid to one of Kids Co.’s 11 centers for a whole month. The Virtual BBQ’s overall goal is $15,000, which will fund 50 scholarships for families who need financial assistance.
Where does my money go?
All donations go to the Kids Co. Scholarship Fund, which awards childcare to families who are experiencing financial strife and need a helping hand. Of the 1,500 children enrolled in one of Kids Co.’s 11 centers, 20-25% receive tuition assistance in order to attend; 70% of these awards go to single-parent households.
Why participate?
The welfare of our children is the foundation of a healthy community. The majority of working families with young children need childcare, yet many households simply cannot afford the cost. Childcare costs are second only to housing. The Kids Co. Scholarship Fund makes it possible for families on stretched budgets to attend a high quality childcare program. Your participation removes financial barriers so all kids have access to safe, fun, and educational programs.
How do I know my donation will make a difference?
Soon after you make your donation you’ll receive a story and photo about a family whose lives you have changed!

Special thanks to our sponsors:

Whoo Hoo - the Virtual BBQ has kicked off. Take a peek

Kids Co. at Adams (in Ballard) had a REAL LIFE BBQ kick off party for their parent. It was a lot of fun.