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All donations supportBellevue Boys & Girls Clubs, a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Your contribution is tax deductible.

Who can participate in BGC Bellevue summer camps?
BGCB summer camps are offered to youth from 4-18 years of age. The Club offers summer programming out of four clubhouses throughout Bellevue, including an onsite Clubhouse at the Eastside Terrace public housing Complex, Main Clubhouse, South Bellevue Community Center and the city’s only Teen center off Lake Hills Boulevard. BGCB Summer camp is only possible for deserving youth through donations that support the Club’s summer scholarship fund
What do youth do at these camps?
During camp youth experience a variety of subjects including, arts, technology, cooking, science, sports, and high yield learning activities. All of these are designed specifically to keep youth stimulated and most importantly have the time of their life! The Club even provides specialized camps for kids that want to dive into one of these subjects for an entire week! These camps are offered in partnership with local experts in the respective field to ensure our youth are getting the most fun and educational experience.
Where will my money go?
All money will go to providing life changing field trips to Boys and Girls Clubs if Bellevue kids this summer


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“The Bellevue Boys & Girls Clubs does so much for youth on the Eastside. We enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring responsible citizens. We want everyone to have access to our programs, including summer camp. By supporting this cause today, you will help every kid that comes to our summer camps experience fun filled educational field trips that will make their summer one to remember. Thank you for your support!”

The Boys & Girls Club of Bellevue helps kids every day


The Boys & Girls Club of Bellevue provides the young people of our community with something they need and want most: a safe environment where adults respect and listen to them; a place where they can have fun. Since 1995, the Club has expanded its programming to serve more than 7,500 registered members each year, with an additional 4,000 teens being served. Through these members, the Club provides programs for more than half the school age population of Bellevue.

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