Oliver's 3rd Birthday

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Oliver's 3rd Birthday

We are excited to celebrate our happy and hearty boy’s 3rd birthday this month. He has made it to 3 despite his own attempts at self-destruction because of all the advantages we have living in our first world. Clean water, plenty of food, access to medical care are basic necessities we never worry about for him, but for billions of parents across the world, these are the very necessities they worry about for their children every day.

This year for Oli’s birthday please help us give the gift of clean water to a Cambodian family so they have one less basic need to be concerned with. In turn help us raise Oliver to know how fortunate he is. We hope for Oli giving back will be so ingrained into his moral makeup that firetrucks, currently holding the number one position, will come second. His 3 year old mind might not thank you now, but soon he will and we will always.

Thank you for helping us reach our goals!!

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