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$337 from 10 donors 3 updates $250 goal met!

What is the [SOUP] and the [SOUP]‘s Secure Education Campaign?
The [SOUP] is a non-profit organization started by college student Brin Enterkin that aims to meet the basic needs and provide quality education for a group of vulnerable children in rural Uganda. The [SOUP] has implemented a Secure Education Campaign That is striving to achieve two goals: 1) to build a new classroom in the [SOUP] school that will accommodate 30+ more children each year and 2) to build a security fence around the entire campus, ensuring the utmost safety for the 250+ children in our care.
How does it work?
Individual [SOUP] champions (like you!) tap into their personal networks to raise funds for the [SOUP] so, the [SOUP] can help the African community flourish through programs like the Secure Education Campaign. Create a fundraising page and become a change-maker!
Why participate?
By participating, you are giving the [SOUP] children the opportunity to receive an education in a safe-environment which is something most of us have taken for granted in our lives.

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Dec 7
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Jane gave $50 for the education and safety of children in Namtumba, Uganda
Dec 6
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Millecent made a $87 contribution
Nov 26
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Katherine gave $20 for the education and safety of children in Namtumba, Uganda
Nov 22
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Mary gave $50 for the education and safety of children in Namtumba, Uganda
Nov 19
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Carol made a $50 contribution
Nov 15
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Adrianna gave $20 for the education and safety of children in Namtumba, Uganda
Nov 14
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Jaimee gave $20 for the education and safety of children in Namtumba, Uganda
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Laura made a $20 contribution
Nov 13
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Melissa made a $10 contribution
Nov 11
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Abby made a $10 contribution

Help us create a safe environment to expand the [SOUP]'s school!

The Sponsorship of Orphans in Uganda Project [SOUP] was started to build a better future for the children of Uganda. I have been involved with the [SOUP] since day one, and I am honored to serve as the Interim Executive Director.

Today, I am asking you to help us build a better equipped and more secure learning environment for these children, so they can have access to the knowledge and tools they need to help build and protect their community.

By donating, you help improve the school’s current carrying capacity and quality of learning, allowing more students to partake in the education programs. You also help protect the students by assisting the [SOUP] in building a new security fence around the facility. This guarantees that parents can send their kids to school without having to worry about their child’s safety.

By helping me raise $250, you equip a child in Uganda with the freedom to learn, question, and understand the world around them in a way they have never experienced before.

Thank you for investing in the lives of these precious ones!

Only 5 days left in the [SOUP] Campaign! (sent December 2)

Hello friends!

We only have 5 days to reach our goal of $5000! Without reaching our goal, we will not be able to complete our 7th grade classroom, meaning that the 7th graders won’t be able to start school in February like we’d hoped.

We’re halfway there, but we certainly cannot do it alone. I thank each of you who’ve donated for your generous hearts! I know the LORD will prove faithful in providing as we continue to trust Him.

During this season of CHRISTmas, your donation could be a wonderful gift. Consider giving in honor or memory or someone else, or asking someone to donate instead of buying you a gift. The possibilities are endless and hopeful!

Again, thank you for your donations and prayers. May our hearts always be burdened for the things His is burdened for!


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About the SOUP

The SOUP empowers children in Namtumba, Uganda through education, holistic care and micro-financing initiatives. By entrusting them with meaningful work experiences and providing 360 degrees of support through nutrition, education and health care, we hope to empower the children of Uganda to become entrepreneurial-minded and move towards sustained future employment for themselves and their community.

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