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SeeYourImpact.Org’s mission is to transform giving into a joyful and fulfilling experience for all donors.

The SeeYourImpact technology platform empowered “champions” of charitable organizations to recruit and share the impact of their friend’s giving.

SeeYourImpact.Org (an all-volunteer non-profit) has enabled over a hundred charitable organizations in about twenty countries across four continents to raise millions of dollars and share thousands of stories of lives changed with donors.


Scott Oki

Scott retired from Microsoft as Senior VP of Sales, Marketing and Services in 1992. Since then he has been focused almost full time on philanthropy, participating in over a hundred non-profit boards and founding over a dozen non-profits. Scott serves as Chairman of the Board for SeeYourImpact.Org

Digvijay Chauhan

Digvijay  is the co-founder and President of Gratiphied Corp. He was the former CTO of AskMe Corporation, a web based expertise sharing company, co-founded by him after a successful career at Microsoft. Digvijay led the launch of the SeeYourImpact mission as its CEO and now serves as the volunteer President of SeeYourImpact.Org.

Board of Directors

The SeeYourImpact Board of Directors, includes in addition to the Co-Founders, Scott Oki and Digvijay Chauhan:

Adrian Hanauer

Adrian Hanauer is the co-owner and General Manager of Seattle Sounders FC – Major League Soccer Franchise. Adrian is involved in many organizations in Seattle and sits on the advisory board of The University of Washington Intercollegiate Sports Master’s Degree Program. He also is on the Board of Trustees for the Museum of History and Industry.

Erik Anderson

Since 2002, Erik is the president of WestRiver Management, a private investment company and Chairman TopGolf International. Erik is the founder of First Move which teaches kids critical and creative thinking through chess.

Josh Crossman

Joshua Crossman is Vice President of Client Services & Strategy at BrightEdge Technologies. Previously, he has been an executive at several technology companies and was an Associate Principal at McKinsey & Company. He serves on the board of several non-profits and social ventures.

Michael Hilton

Mike was the Executive Vice President of Worldwide Marketing at Concur Technologies Inc. Mike co-founded Concur in 1993 and served as Concur’s Chief Executive Officer until 1996.

Michael Johnston

Michael Johnston is the co-founder of Steelhead Partners. A founder of the Luke 12:48 Foundation, Johnston previously served as a board member of the American Foundation for Chess.

Pradeep Singh

Pradeep Singh is founder & Chairman of Aditi Technologies. Pradeep has received IIT Delhi’s Distinguished Alumni Service Award (2006) and has been recognized as a Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum (Davos). He also serves as an Advisory Board Member of Grameen Technology.

Robert Short

Rob Short retired from Microsoft in 2007 as Corporate Vice President of Windows Core after 19 years with the company. Short was part of the first Windows NT development team to concentrate on advancing the PC architecture and on the hardware/software interface. Since then he has led the development of setup, plug-and-play, clustering and other core features in Windows.

Rajeev Singh

Rajeev Singh was the co-founder and President and Chief Operating Officer of Concur Technologies Inc. Mr. Singh had been the company’s President since 2005, COO since 2002, and was appointed to the company’s Board of Directors in 2008.

Shanen Boettcher

Shanen Boettcher recently retired as the General Manager of the Startup Business Group at Microsoft. He joined Microsoft in 1999 and has held several product planning, management and marketing positions in the company. Before coming to Microsoft, Shanen was a Product Manager at several Silicon Valley start-ups including Netscape Communications Corporation.

Tom Pepe

Tom Pepe was the Co-Founder and CEO of Validas. Tom’s leadership enabled Validas to become the world leader in global mobile intelligence.

Board of Advisors

Matt Flannery

CEO, Kiva

Daniel Kranzler

President, Kirlin Charitable Foundation

Akhtar Badshah

Sr. Director Community Affairs, Microsoft Corporation

Gary Gigot

Former Chief Marketing Officer, Visio

Chris DeVore

General Partner, Founders Co-Op

Lynann Bradbury

Former Senior VP, Waggener Edstrom

Nancy Cho

President and CEO, Oki Golf and Oki Developments Inc.

Pradeep Rathinam

CEO, Aditi Technologies

Sesh Velamoor

Trustee, The Future Foundation

Prashant Shukla


Daryl Wray

Product Unit Manager, Microsoft Corporation

Brian Marcinek

Vice President, J.P. Morgan

J Srinivasan

Mentor Director, TTK Group India

Sameer Jain

CEO, NetSolutions India

Lawyer Milloy

Pro Bowl Seattle Seahawk

James Sun

CEO and Founder, GeoPage

Paul Herman

CEO and Founder, HIP Investor Inc.

Rand Fishkin

CEO & Co-Founder of SEOmoz

Alice Portz

Principal Owner, Alice Portz & Associates

Peter Ku


Lauren Selig

Director of Business Development and Management, Martin Selig Real Estate

Neil Patel

The Co-Founder CrazyEgg & KISSMetrics

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