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How do you make sure your wells are clean and well cared for?
We appoint a committee in every village we help that is committed to keeping the well clean and safe. This includes building a wall surrounding the well, in order to keep animals and other sources of contamination out.
How do you locate well sites?
We work with an organization, Concern For The Girl Child, that educates young girls at risk. Because CGC (Concern For the Girl Child) educates girls all over Uganda, villages that need water are easily identified.
How much does each well cost?
It varies, depending on access and difficulty finding clean water. But generally, each well costs between 10-15,000.
How do I help?
You can easily set your own personal page and raise money on behalf of Drop by clicking the green join the team button to the left. After filling out your page, you can upload a photo and then reach out to your social circles for donations using our social media and email tools!
How do I learn more about the Drop Foundation?
Please go to to learn more about the work we have done!

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Clean Water Can Not Be A Luxury!

It has hard for me to imagine, not being able to turn on a faucet and get water. It is hard for me to imagine, walking miles to find water that will not make my family sick. It is hard for me to imagine, drinking water that is shared by wild animals.

It is hard for me to imagine, not wanting to help.

Any donation helps – please donate to Drop!

Please go to if you want to learn more about the work of this amazing foundation!

About the Drop Foundation

Drop2Our goal is to raise enough money to dig one well a year. We would like to dig a well in every village in Uganda. The government in Uganda is helping us to identify one site a year where we can build a well and a library. The library in Kamira that we opened 2 summers ago is the first library housed in a primary school in all of Uganda.

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