What is the Mission of the Explorers Program?
The mission of the Seattle Police Explorers is to bridge the gap between youth and police by educating and involving them in police operations and to interest them in Law Enforcement.
What do Explorers Do?
The Seattle Police Explorers Post conducts a variety of programs and projects featuring safety, training, and community/public service. Training provided to Explorers includes topics such as Introduction to Law Enforcement, Patrol Procedures, Domestic Complaints, Fingerprinting, Search and Arrest Procedures, Note Taking and Study Habits, and Crowd Control Procedures. Seattle Police Explorers also have many opportunities to apply the training they receive during monthly meetings. For example, members volunteer at community events doing security work, directing traffic, fingerprinting small children, helping with Crime Prevention Programs, as well as working at various summer community events. Currently, Seattle Police Explorers average more than 4,500 hours of community service annually.
Who is Eligible to Join Explorers?
To join Seattle Police Explorers, you must be between the ages of 14 and 21; you must be registered as a full time student with a grade point average of 2.5 or above; you have not been convicted of a felony or serious misdemeanor; and you can successfully pass a minimum background check and an oral interview.
What are the Benefits of joining Explorers?
Being an Explorer offers many opportunities to learn valuable leadership and life skills, make new friends, interact with the public and most of all, have fun! In addition, Exploring can further each Explorer’s education, encourage the Explorer’s participation in a rewarding and productive service activity, and enhance the Explorer’s preparation for future roles as citizen and community members. Besides gaining a working knowledge of police work, the participants have the opportunity to give of themselves to their community.
Why should I support the Seattle Police Explorers?
The Seattle Police Explorers are young adults who wish to make a difference in the community they call home, Seattle. Last year, the Seattle Police Explorers provided over 4500 hours of community service to various organizations and community events.

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Dec 19
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Scott and Laurie gave $38 for Police Explorers programming costs

Learning to keep Seattle Safe and Giving Back to the Community through Service, Pride, & Dedication

Dear family members and friends:

As most of you know, I am very passionate and enthusiastic about police work and have been an Explorer with SPD Post #943 for three years. Throughout my years as an Explorer, I have learned ample amounts about law enforcement and police work, have had numerous opportunities to work with the community and give back to the people and city of Seattle, and have made friendships that I know will last a lifetime.

The Seattle Police Explorers are funded by the Seattle Police Foundation, but also through grants and donations. As the giving season is upon us, we are asking for any dollar that you may be able to donate to support our post. I joined the Seattle Police Explorers three years ago to gain valuable leadership experience, give back to my community and to take a path that would help me to fulfill my dream of becoming a Seattle Police Officer. Every dollar we raise with this campaign will greatly benefit my fellow Explorers and I in 2014 by helping us to cover our program costs. Any amount you can donate helps, and your kindness and generosity is greatly appreciated by me. Have a very happy and safe holiday season!

Most sincerely,


About the Seattle Police Foundation

The Seattle Police Foundation exists to provide additional support to the Seattle Police Department in the areas of community partnerships, employee development, and new technologies and equipment. All funds raised from this campaign will go towards to the Seattle Police Explorers to cover their trainings, uniforms and equipment, and other programmatic costs.

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