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Your donations go directly to New Leaders’ education and training programs.

What is Giving Tuesday?
Giving Tuesday is a national effort to encourage people to give back on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. New Leaders is devoting a whole month to raising awareness of the importance of school leadership, starting on November 27.
How does the Giving Tuesday campaign work?
We are kicking off a month-long staff fundraising campaign on Giving Tuesday and empowering New Leaders staff to share their powerful stories of why they are committed to developing transformational school leaders.
Where does my money go?
New Leaders is a national non-profit that develops outstanding educators into transformational principals, turning around schools in our neediest communities.  Your gift will enable us to recruit, train and support more of these school leaders.
Why participate?
This is an opportunity to be part of something bigger than New Leaders and send a strong message about the importance of giving back.
How do I know my donation will make a difference?
Principals have a multiplier effect: every great principal can support 20 teachers and change the lives of 500 students.  Leadership is the highest leverage investment you can make in education.


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New Leaders: Giving Tuesday

This holiday season, I’m celebrating Giving Tuesday, a national movement to encourage people to give back during the holidays. It’s a collective effort to foster the great American spirit of contribution and use our creativity and energy to work together for good.

I hope you will join me by supporting New Leaders, a national non-profit that recruits outstanding educators from across the country and develops them into transformational leaders for the schools and students who need them most. I am a proud member of the New Leaders staff.

New Leaders provides talented teachers and administrators with leadership skills, helping grow their abilities and set them on a path to the principalship. During a one-year Residency program, we train Aspiring Principals on the actions leaders need to take to create academic excellence across a school. We then partner with school districts and charters to place New Leaders in underperforming schools, and we support them throughout that critical first year as they transform their schools.

Our New Leader Principals are closing the achievement gap and preparing more students for success in college, career and citizenship. New Leaders already serve 250,000 children across the country, and we’re growing to serve 500,000 children over the next three years.

I’m asking all of my friends and family to support our efforts because I believe that investing in education is the most important thing we can do for our children and our country–and making sure every school has a great leader is the best way to make a difference. I deeply appreciate any contribution you can make to support New Leaders and help change the lives of the kids across the nation.

About New Leaders

New Leaders seeks to transform our country’s highest-need schools and provide all children with an excellent education through outstanding leadership. Why leadership? Principals are the driving force behind school improvement. One outstanding teacher isn’t enough; students require multiple years of effective teachers to reach academic excellence, especially if they have fallen behind.

New Leaders’ leadership training begins with our Emerging Leaders Program, which builds a pipeline of promising future school leaders by growing the abilities of talented teachers and administrators over the course of a year to lead other adults in raising student achievement.

Many Emerging Leaders go on to join our signature Aspiring Principals Program, a rigorous, one-year Residency through which we train highly motivated, results-oriented individuals to turn around the nation’s underperforming schools. To ensure that we get the best leaders into schools regardless of whether they currently work in education, we also identify promising talent through a national admissions process.

After the Aspiring Principals Residency, we support our leaders on the job through the Principal Institute, which employs professional learning communities and strategic one-on-one coaching for one to two years to ensure our new principals are set up for success from day one.

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