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Nov 27
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Jim gave $20 for renovation costs of the Veterans Restoration Quarters
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Mark gave $10 for renovation costs of the Veterans Restoration Quarters

Help today! Veterans Restoration Quarters needs a new roof.

From Brittany’s Board:

Being a volunteer/friend of the Veterans’ Restoration Quarters (VRQ) is a joy as I am a small part of helping transform the lives of homeless veterans. I have seen the smiles on their faces when they have come through the food-serving lines and I’ve heard their thanks for helping provide a safe place and hot food.

There have been men I have seen in the first week that look under-nourished, badly shaven, and are clearly physically ill. They don’t look me in the eye and all I can hear are mumbles from under their breath. The following month, I’ve been greeted as a friend by someone I didn’t recognize. He looked me straight in the eye and thanked me for giving an hour or two of my time. Then the realization hits. This is the same man that I saw a few weeks earlier! This is the type of difference the VRQ makes in these veterans’ lives.

The roof has deteriorated past repair. It is critical to the life-safety of these heroes that it be replaced. I am going to help with my own gift and I hope you will you join me in a personal commitment to raise $1,000. Their total goal is only $25,000 and I hope you will join me in putting a roof over the heads of our veterans.

Barnabas Board reaches Veterans program in Asheville, NC (sent November 23)

How exciting and gratifying to see this awesome viral fund-raising platform now being used to build new Champions.

Check out the ABCCM Veteran’s Restoration program – it has become nationally acclaimed for their extensive services and results for our wounded veterans.

Please help me in this campaign to raise $1,000 for the replacement roof project.
Thank you.


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