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Why digitize this newspaper?
This is the oldest Nikkei/Japanese American community newspaper in the Pacific Northwest. The historical pages are published primarily in Japanese. Scanning each page and translating article titles into English will open up the fascinating and extraordinary history of our community during the early 20th century. It will serves as a groundbreaking example, a model for those here and around the world, for those who may wish to take up similar endeavors.
Who will benefit?
All readers who have access to the internet – both Japanese and English readers—will be able to read articles, at no cost. The history is now able to be fully accessible and shared throughout the world.
What will the funding be used for?
Funds raised will support bilingual translators and persons who will conduct the scanning, not any overhead costs. These individuals will be students or retired persons who have an interest in newspapers, or who may wish to pursue a career in this field. Your funds will go a long way because these translators are also investing volunteer hours into the project.

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I’m raising money to digitize the historic Japanese language newspaper, North American Times and North American Post. Each $25 will allow us to scan 250 pages of the historic issues starting in 1902. My goal is to raise $500, which will be matched 166% by the Japanese American Chamber of Commerce!

You can contribute any amount, no amount is too small.

Two years ago I was the new student intern with the Hokubei Hochi Foundation and was selected for a trip to Japan.

Since then, I’ve declared International Studies and Japanese literature majors at the University of Washington, become part of The North American Post staff, and am now coordinating the Hokubei Hochi Foundation’s archive project! I find myself these days at meetings discussing how to translate Japanese unique characters using American software.

Through the Digital Archive Project, I have been able to work together with all generations of Japanese Americans, international students, professors, and state and university librarians. Though I didn’t grow up in the Seattle area, I’ve developed a personal connection to the local Japanese American experience and history.

It’s been an exciting experience! I feel extraordinarily lucky to be part of this project as a college student. From my own research, I know what a valuable resource a North American Post Archive could be.

It has brought home to me the importance of history, community and the press and has inspired me to continue to my own involvement which I hope to take to Japan later this year upon my graduation.

I hope the Digital Archive Project will be just as rewarding and educational to the public as it has been for me.

Thank you for your support!

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About the Hokubei Hochi Foundation

The Hokubei Hochi Foundation’s mission is to promote and preserve the news, history, and culture of the Nikkei (Japanese American) and Japanese community through educational and cultural programs in the Pacific Northwest.

The foundation’s vision is for a vibrant Nikkei and Japanese community and the broader community to be connected and engaged through relevant news and enriching programs.


Nikkei Newspaper Digital Archive Team, Seattle

Want to read about the impact of this community newspaper history to a young student in Seattle? Read:

Check out a sampling of pages already scanned and uploaded on the U.W. website:


Below is a sampling of the interesting newspaper titles in 1946. All these titles and articles will be accessible online through this project:



・United States Diplomacy Against Soviet Union. Soviet Union Will Not be Able to Fight
 米の対ソ外交 ソ連は断じて戦い得ない 

・Let’s Contribute to Humanity’s Situation. Relieving Refugees at Borderline Starvation
 人道の大局から募集に応じましょう  餓死線上の難民救済へ

・School Farewell. Young Nisei Leaving Home.
 学窓よ!さらば 巣立つ二世の若人


・Seven Million Allied War Prisoners Remain Interned


・Reflecting Trends in the Japanese Communist Party through the Eyes of Americans

・Re-entry Permit

・Meeting Refugees to Extend a Hand to Fellow countrymen tepid homeland
 母国同胞へ 温い手を延ばす難民救済会

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