Join Kymberly in support of Hawthorne's Library Reimagination


$700 from 7 donors 2 updates $1,000 goal

What is Hawthorne’s Library Reimagination?
Hawthorne’s Library Reimagination is a way to bring together our students’ supporters to fund a 21st century library at Hawthorne school. Whether you are a parent, teacher, community member or book lover, you are welcome to join in!
How does it work?
Champions of Hawthorne Elementary will be promoting our campaign within their social networks. Everyone and anyone can donate money to help bring our library into the 21st century!
Where does my money go??
All donations go to updating the library at Hawthorne Elementary. Funds will be used to purchase high interest fiction books, replace our aging non-fiction collection and purchase modern presentation equipment such as a smartboard and document camera.
Why participate?
Because you get the great feeling that comes from giving back, and by helping kids in your community now, you’ll help make a brighter future for all of you.
How do I know my donation will make a difference?

I love my donors!

Thanks to Amber Edmondson, Brooke & Josh Williams and Pacifica Law Group for supporting Hawthorne’s new library!

Thanks to my donors!

Special thanks to Marian Evans, Kristine Linn and the Lakewood Seward Park Community Club for supporting the Hawthorne Library!