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Dec 2
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Please Help today! (Especially all who are on the Blessings and BBQ team)

Being a volunteer/friend of the Veterans’ Restoration Quarters (VRQ) as the cook team leader of the Blessings and BBQ team is a joy as we are a small part of helping transform the lives of homeless veterans and share the Love of Jesus. I have seen the smiles on their faces when they have come through the food-serving lines and I’ve heard their thanks for helping provide a safe place and hot food.

There have been men we have seen in the first week that look under-nourished, badly shaven, and are clearly physically ill. They don’t look us in the eye and all we can hear are mumbles from under their breath. The following month, we’ve been greeted as a friend by someone we didn’t recognize. Then the realization hits. This is the same man that we saw a few weeks earlier! This is the type of difference the VRQ makes in these veterans’ lives.

The roof has deteriorated past repair. It is critical to the life-safety of these heroes that it be replaced. I am going to help with my own gift and I hope you will you join me in a personal commitment to raise $2,000. Their total goal is only $25,000 and I hope you will join me in putting a roof over the heads of our veterans.

Come on fellow servants on the Blessings and BBQ team and other friends. Lets make great pledges and “knock” the old roof off the “Joint”.
God bless you all.

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