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What is the Readathon?
Pratham USA Readathon 2015 is a fundraising initiative that encourages kids in the U.S. to read more books and raise money to help less fortunate kids in India learn to read.
How does it work?
Kids ask their friends and family to donate money to Pratham for every book they read. The more books they read, the more money they raise. Learn more here.
Where does my money go?
All donations to the Readathon go to support Pratham’s work for child education in India. With the help of trained professionals and dedicated volunteers, Pratham runs pre-schools and after-school programs in many cities and villages of India so that underprivileged children can read, write and count at their appropriate grade level. Pratham needs only $25 to educate one child for one whole year.Pratham receives 97% of the money you donate here. 2.9% + 30 cents is charged by the credit card processing company. We thank SeeYourImpact for providing Pratham with its Storytelling Donation platform free of cost.
Who can participate?
Kids of any age can participate (adults too!). Children too young to read can have a parent or older siblings read to them.
Why participate?
Reading is good for everyone. Reading to help others learn to read is Great!Participating in this Readathon is an amazing way to do community service, and enjoy the benefits of reading at the same time – increased vocabulary, improved communication skills and the joy of helping others.
Are there prizes?
Yes! Trophies will be given to readers who raise $250 or more. A Young Reader Award for the reader who raises the most money and a Young Leader Award for the Readathon Coordinator who demonstrates strong leadership skills and whose team raises a significant amount of money. Certificates of Appreciation for all readers. More information is available here.
What is a Readathon Coordinator?
A Readathon Coordinator (RC) is a high school student who will lead a team of younger readers and guide, support, and cheer them on in meeting their reading and fundraising goals for the Readathon. A RC will learn good management and leadership skills, and can also enjoy all the benefits of being a reader. For more information, click here.
How do I know if my donation makes a difference?
With every $1,000 raised, Pratham is able to educate 40 children for one whole year. Readers and donors can read some stories of children who attend Pratham schools by clicking here

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Every book I read helps educate a child in India

Hi I’m Anuj Patel! This is my third year doing the readathon. I love doing this because I love reading and helping people! I love reading about killer whales, which also happens to be my favorite animal. My favorite color is red and I want to be a dentist when I grow up. I also love to sing and dance.
I have been a part of my sister’s team, Shriya Patel. Our teams goal is to raise $2000. Please help us achieve our goal and we’d also love to have you join our team! Thank you so much!
– Anuj Patel

Update #8 (sent July 23)

Hello! Today I read a book about ladybugs.

Title: Ladybugs
Author:Mia Posada
Here’s what I learned…
Not all ladybugs are female. In fact most of them are males. They are called ladybugs because they were dedicated to Mary, the Mother of Jesus. Ladybugs eat aphids, a small microscopic green insect that kills plants. While adult ladybugs are very pretty, baby ladybugs are hairy and gray. Pupa ladybugs are yellow with spots that look like lines. But each ladybug is different because there are 4,000 different ladybug species known to man. The lifespan of a ladybug is about 3 weeks. Fun fact: The reason ladybugs are red is because it tells predators that they do not taste good and are poisonous.

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Pratham USA - Every Child In School and Learning Well

Pratham is the largest not-for-profit organization providing quality education to underprivileged children in India. Pratham uses very low-cost and scalable methods and works in collaboration with the government, local communities, parents, teachers and volunteers across the country to educate millions of children every year. Pratham’s mission is “Every Child in School and Learning Well.”

Pratham USA, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a four-star rating (the highest possible) from Charity Navigator accepts tax deductible contributions from U.S. donors to help Pratham continue and expand its work for child literacy and education. For more information, visit

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