Clean Water for a Family

Beng's Family is thrilled with their filter

Ashley, your donation has made such a difference in the lives of Beng and his family members.  This water filter will provide clean water to Beng, his wife, his three children and a niece and her family.  Now they will no longer suffer from dysentery and will be able to lead normal lives.  Beng’s son looks forward to being able to continue his education at a nearby middle school where he will ride the family bike 10 miles and no longer suffer from weekly bouts of illness.  Thank you for your kindness.

Provide another family a reliable source of clean drinking water through the Trailblazer Foundation.

Laser Beams that Kill Mosquitoes
Hello SeeYourImpact

Hello, I am Casey, Intern extraordinaire at SeeYourImpact. I’ve been asked to introduce myself, and I can’t wait to add my voice to the SeeYourImpact blog.

It is now week two, day two, of my internship with SeeYourImpact, and thus far I have only committed a handful of faux pas. Last Friday, during my first group meeting, when asked “Is this your first Internship?” I smartly responded with a long blank expression before an eventual “yes.” Needless to  say, I could have done without the quick witted thought bubble. Despite my brilliant introduction, the folks here at the See Your Impact office have been extremely kind and open about incorporating me into their daily work.

One thing that I find absolutely amazing is the work dynamic in the SeeYourImpact office. The main work space is open walled with brick red dividers creating spacious cubbyholes where most of the work takes place. In the back there is space for a midsized conference table, or perhaps the ominous oak desk of a malevolent taskmaster. Fortunately the space is now occupied by a Ping-Pong table, perhaps it is the malevolent taskmaster. Currently, as I labor away under the harsh natural lighting, provided by a window to my back, I can faintly hear Yosia’s music as he debugs the website, which blends into the rhythmic tapping of Steve’s keyboard as he develops (innovates) new bugs for Yosia to fix. In the far corner, Chuck schemes over his Mac Book, planning sweeping marketing campaigns to take the world by storm. Across from him, Benjamin,  who is currently obscured by the wall divider, and presumably working diligently at landing another partnership deal or plotting a new task for his intern underling. And of course there is Digvijay, the grand poohba of the office, who is mysteriously absent, no doubt interfacing with Seattle’s upper crust to forward See Your Impacts presence.

This has been an interesting experience, all three days of it so far, because the environment here is both more relaxed and driven than what I am used to. For some background, I am a rising sophomore at a college in Portland where I’m studying economics. The office very much has the vibe of, what I can only imagine to be, a tech start-up. Everyone works methodically at their own tasks but when a task requires more people the whole office pitches in to help; whether it be developing new ideas for the direction of the charity, web site testing, or diagnosing some break in the cosmos. From the perspective of a new intern, I can actually feel the enthusiasm vibrating through the office, excited banter erupting sporadically from different pockets of the room. Based on what I have seen thus far, there is no doubt in my mind that See Your Impact will become the Kiva of the personalized micro-giving, impact providing, philanthropic world.

On another completely relevant note:

Hope in War-Torn Sierra Leone
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Ann will be able to attend Njonjo Girls High School!

Ann in her new uniform!

Ann has been guaranteed a full year of tuition at Njonjo Girls High School because of your generous support! LittleDrops Orphanage Fund has supported Ann through the Hopeful Grandmothers Orphanage in Kenya. This band of 30 grandmothers found themselves caring for their grandchildren due to the deaths of their sons/daughters. Ann shares a similar story, and  her education has not been easy. She lived with her single mother until her death then she moved in with her grandmother. Her grandmother recently passed away, leaving Ann in the care of an uncle who is struggling to support her. Ann remains focused on her goal of becoming a pediatrician and just started her first year of high school. She is very excited for the opportunity to attend boarding school and promises to make excellent grades this term! Oluwadara, Digvijay and Paola – thank you so much for helping to make Ann’s dreams come true!

Make another dream come true, support a child like Ann at LittleDrops Orphanage Fund

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